When it comes to building the right HOA board, it’s no easy task. Your HOA board is responsible for creating a strong, well-run community. HOAs protect, preserve, and enhance the community and property values. But, as a completely volunteer-based role, it can be difficult to find people who are talented and passionate about working together to make the community a better place.

As you build your HOA board, you will have to consider people who will be a part of the board. It’s important to think about who you can attract to serve. So, what makes a great HOA member?

Here are some qualities to consider when building a stronger HOA Board:

1. Commitment to the HOA Board

The strongest members are committed to their roles and responsibilities. Even if they’re busy in their own lives, they still make time for the community.

2. Detail-Oriented

You’ll need someone who pays attention to the details. The community’s governing documents have a lot of information to digest, so you need someone who can understand them to help them make effective decisions.

3. Knows When and How to Delegate

Micromanaging can lead to burnout. A successful board member will know when and how to delegate tasks when needed. Trust is needed between board members and the belief that every member is capable of handling tasks on their own.

4. Unbiased

When you become a board member, you will have to be fair and consistent.

5. Adaptable to Change

If things don’t go your way, you’ll have to be flexible and find solutions to the problem.

6. Great Decision-Maker

You’re going to have to make decisions against your neighbors that can lead to disputes or disagreements. An effective board member won’t take it personally and will resolve conflicts in an unbiased way.

When building your board, associations have a lot to consider. That’s why we put together these helpful tips that can make this process easier for you:

1. Elect Qualified Members

Look for members who have the qualifications you’re looking for.

2. Aim for Diversity

Strive for diversity. Meaning, don’t have members with similar personalities or circumstances. A strong board will have a wide range of talents and backgrounds.

3. Keep Your Meetings Short and Productive

Your members have busy lives – so make sure their valuable time is well spent.

4. Training and Education

Strengthen your board by providing the necessary training and education to make them stronger.

5. Hire a Property Management Company When Needed

Despite having great board members, your HOA board may struggle with the mounting responsibilities. A property management company can help take over your daily tasks so you can focus on bigger issues.

Still not enough? Don’t worry because we put together some extra tips for building a stronger board here. A strong board is the backbone of a great community. By attracting the right people, you can go a long way in building a board and continually improves your community and your property values.

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