Addressing homeowner complaints can be a challenging task for board members.

However, if handled professionally, it can be an effective way to improve communication with homeowners and help resolve any issues that may arise.

It is important to remember that, as an HOA board member, you are in a position of authority. This does not mean you should dismiss homeowners’ concerns out of hand.

But, it does mean that you should handle complaints professionally and efficiently. The following tips will help you do just that:

1. Be respectful and professional at all times

When addressing complaints from homeowners, it is essential to be respectful and professional at all times. This includes maintaining a calm and polite demeanor, even if the homeowner is aggressive or disrespectful.

Remember, as an HOA board member, you represent the community. Therefore, it is essential to maintain a positive public image at all times.


2. Listen and take notes

When a homeowner complains, listening attentively and taking notes are essential. This will help you better understand the complaint and ensure that all details are captured.


3. Acknowledge the complaint

It is important to acknowledge the complaint and let the homeowner know that you are taking it seriously. Expressing empathy can help to diffuse the situation and show the homeowner that you are on their side.


4. Address the complaint and investigate thoroughly before taking action

Do not take any action against a homeowner until you have investigated the complaint thoroughly. This means speaking with witnesses, reviewing any available evidence, and allowing the homeowner to tell their side of the story.

Once you have gathered all pertinent information, it is time to address the complaint. Work with other board members to devise a plan of action and resolve the issue as quickly as possible.

Only after you have all of the facts should you take any disciplinary action.


5. Follow up

Once the complaint has been addressed, follow up with the homeowner to ensure they are satisfied with the outcome. If not, continue to work until the issue is resolved.


Bonus tip > Create and enforce fair rules and regulations

One of the best ways to avoid complaints from homeowners is to create rules and regulations that are fair and evenly enforced.

If some homeowners are allowed to flout the rules while others are held to them strictly, it is only natural that those held accountable will begin to resent the situation.

To avoid this, ensure that your HOA board creates reasonable and necessary rules and enforces them similarly for all homeowners.

No one likes getting complaints, but as an HOA board member, they are something that you will inevitably have to deal with from time to time. By following the tips outlined above, you can address homeowner complaints efficiently and create a smooth-running HOA board.

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