HOA board meetings are either going to be productive or wander off course into a waste of time. A successful meeting should not eat up a lot of your time. Often, the shorter they are, the better it is for everyone involved. But, it can be difficult to maintain short HOA meetings and come to quick decisions.

Here are our tips on how to run an HOA meeting:

1. Have a Well-Organized Agenda

Running a successful HOA meeting comes down to two main things – attendance and the agenda. The agenda includes new business, announcements, and more. We break it down to each step in this checklist we created for you. Every issue doesn’t have to be discussed, but to keep the board engaged, try to stick to the most urgent items, if possible.


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The agenda should be sent out early before the meeting. Request questions before the start of the meeting, and the smoother your meeting will go. You can knock out the simple questions first, then set aside more time for the difficult concerns.

2. Keep it Simple

Keep the conversation to the topics at hand – otherwise, the discussion can quickly become sidetracked. Generally, 60 to 90 minutes is good running time for a majority of your board meetings.

3. Assign Times for Agenda Items

Someone should always monitor discussion time. It’s easy for what should have been a quick discussion to turn into an hour-long monologue. Each agenda item should have a time budget so you’re not wasting anyone’s time.

4. Limit the Amount of Time Homeowners Can Speak

Some board meetings are open to the community. In those meetings, allot time for the homeowners to speak. Our suggestion is to have them submit questions and comments before the meeting so you know what to expect. But, make sure you create an inclusive environment where homeowners can feel heard.

5. Be Clear When It’s Time to Wrap Up

At the end of your meeting, make sure everyone is on the same page. Try to review action items and make sure each board member understands their responsibilities.

An important part of this step is having the secretary maintain running notes and minutes. If done properly, meeting minutes can be something that you can refer back to during times of confusion, resolving disputes along the way. Check out our ebook for a complete breakdown of how to do HOA meeting minutes the right way.

Before you know it, your HOA meetings can be running like well-oiled machines. Successful HOA meetings can become the norm and not the exception if you follow our tips in our ebook “Creating a Smooth Running Board.”

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