Bundle of 12 HOA Checklists


This bundle contains twelve checklists to:

  • Increase Your Property Values
  • Creating a Smooth Running HOA Board
  • Simplifying the HOA Process
  • When HOA Fees Are Too High

Welcome to your first step towards increasing your property values and lowering your HOA fees!

This product is a bundle of twelve checklists:

Increase Your Property Values

  • 5 Tips For Reducing Expenses
  • 9 Ways Your Neighbors Can Screw Up Your Property Value
  • 19 Improvements Proven To Increase Home Value

Creating a Smooth Running HOA Board

  • Tips for Building a Stronger HOA Board Checklist
  • A Successful Board Meeting Agenda Checklist
  • 8 Tips For Becoming a Better HOA Board Member Checklist

Simplifying the HOA Process

  • 5 Tips for Hiring Property Management
  • Ask Great Questions at the Next HOA Board Meeting
  • Interview Questions for Potential HOA Board Members

When HOA Fees Are Too High

  • 5 Tips for Reducing Expenses to Lower Your HOA Dues
  • 7 Questions You Need to Ask Before You Buy
  • 8 Ways You Can Lower Your HOA Fees